PharmaCielo intends to supply large channel distributors, finished goods manufacturers, research organizations and pharmaceutical companies.

Our products will be securely packaged and precisely labeled to meet each regional market’s regulatory requirements. We expect to commence exports during the second half of 2018.

Standardization and consistency are essential considerations in developing cannabis products that satisfy the requirements of medical care providers, research organizations, worldwide government regulatory bodies and ultimately the end users. PharmaCielo is committed to meeting and exceeding production and packaging protocols for standardized medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts set by both the international community and individual regulators.

Medical cannabis market products are no different from any other kind of medicine or foodstuff, requiring consistency and product labels that inform consumers of precise ingredients.

PharmaCielo intends to supply its customers with a full range of all natural, standardized cannabis products:

Channel Distributors (B2B)

We intend to supply distributors and retailers with B2C consumer ready products including vaporizer oil cartridges, capsules, sublingual drops, oral sprays and transdermal products such as cannabis-infused topical ointments, liniments, balms and lotions.

PharmaCielo will offer PharmaCieloTM branded products and may offer private label options of said products in certain marketplaces.

Finished Goods Manufacturers (B2C)

PharmaCielo’s all natural, standardized gross concentrates are the perfect solution for finished goods producers, who produce everything from cannabis infused beverages to topical patches.

In addition to supplying strain-specific gross concentrates, which mirror to the highest degree possible the active element profile of each pre-processed cannabis strain, PharmaCielo intends to supply the following options:

  • Customized Blending: Developed by blending gross concentrates from two or more strains.
  • Refined Formulations: Developed by refining concentrates to contain precise levels of THC, CBD, CBG or other active elements.
  • Customized Flavoring: Developed using all natural terpene extracts obtained from other plant sources.

Research Organizations & Pharmaceutical Companies (B2C)

Similar to finished goods producers, PharmaCielo will provide customized formulations to universities, private research groups, pharmaceutical companies and a host of other research-oriented organizations.

The accuracy of scientific research is entirely dependent on the stability of the control variables. Standardized medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts enable reliable experimentation, which helps drive innovation and ultimately foster groundbreaking discoveries in the field of cannabis-related research.

In summary, PharmaCielo is focused on supplying our wholesale customers – whether B2B or B2C – with highly standardized, all natural products that are sustainably produced in an extremely cost-competitive environment.