Colombia is home to one of the most diverse offerings of natural cannabis strains to be found anywhere in the world. There are potentially hundreds of varieties to be discovered.

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the highest coastal range of mountains in the world, but it is perhaps better known as the home of the coveted cannabis strain Colombian Gold.

Demand for our all natural, medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products is based on our ability to cultivate and process the best cannabis strains in existence. 

Colombia is the perfect country to provide a plethora of premium quality sativa and indica dominant strains of cannabis both of which have been naturally propagated throughout Colombia’s diverse landscape – often by native populations – for generations.

Together with our research partners – University of Antioquia and Universidad CES – PharmaCielo is working to genetically analyze and catalog Colombia’s vast treasure trove of natural cannabis strains.

Our approach is to select only the finest strains for commercial propagation and to supply the market with extracts from legendary strains – such as Colombian Gold, Mango Biche and Colombian Red – while introducing others that have never before been marketed.

This journey itself is one of the most exciting endeavors that PharmaCielo is undertaking – and one that should be an important product differentiator for PharmaCielo. And because it is an ongoing journey of discovery, we expect to release new cannabis oil extracts (strains) over time and keep our product lineup fresh, innovative and interesting. 

To ensure our product lineup meets the needs of the medical marketplace, in situations where a specific “foreign” strain is deemed to be important to developing a wellness formulation and domestic source plant material is not readily available, we may also look beyond Colombia’s borders to identify seeds from licensed international seed vendors.

We believe that the marketplace will find the all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis oil extracts that are processed from strains discovered throughout Colombia’s vast countryside to be the most desirable extracts available.