Colombia’s wide variety of microclimates makes it the perfect country for year-round cultivation of all possible varieties of cannabis – in a natural, environmentally friendly manner.

In addition to benefiting from a natural supply of consistent sunlight, Colombia's flower growers benefit from the country's abundant natural supply of water – it's one of the most water-rich nations on the planet.

We believe that today’s health conscious, informed and discerning consumers will, given the option, prefer to consume all natural cannabis products – especially if they are available at competitive market prices.

At PharmaCielo, we are fully committed to ensuring the global marketplace is aptly supplied with that affordable premium quality option.

We are equally committed to employing sustainable production practices that generate a net positive environmental impact for everyone – cannabis users and non-users alike. 

We understand that the farther cannabis cultivation is located from the equator, the less natural and more costly the cannabis flower produced will be – not to mention the inherent negative environmental consequences of attempting to grow in unnatural environments.

It simply comes down to this. Cannabis requires a consistent 24-hour light cycle comprised of 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness in order to initiate and maintain the flowering cycle, which is by far the longest stage of the cultivation cycle – making it the most energy intensive and thus the most costly phase of most producers’ overall production.  

And there is only one location on Earth where the precise natural daily cycle of 12 and 12 daylight to darkness hours exists 365 days a year – the equator.

Cultivators operating more than a few degrees north or south of the equator need to use expensive and environmentally unfriendly supplemental lighting and other climate-control infrastructure. It is really that simple.

In addition to consistent natural lighting, cannabis cultivation also requires an abundance of fresh water and fertile soil.

Our all natural cultivation operations are headquartered in arguably the most fertile, water-rich equatorial nation on the planet – Colombia.

For decades, Colombia has been among the world’s leading sustainable producers and exporters of ornamental flowers – supplying more than 75% of all cut flowers purchased each year in the United States and approximately 17% globally.

It is in Colombia, nestled above the mountains encircling the city of Medellin, where you’ll find hundreds of hectares of open-air greenhouses operated by some of the country’s leading flower growers and exporters.

It’s also where you’ll find PharmaCielo – together with these leading growers – sustainably cultivating the finest quality, all natural cannabis strains available.