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PharmaCielo Ltd.

Jaime Toro, Chief Extraction Engineer

Mr. Toro is a chemical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the design and implementation of industrial equipment used for producing, processing and mixing plant extracts in Colombia. He co-invented three process patents for the production of standardized plant extracts. 

Mr. Toro worked for 20 years with Ecoflora S.A., a two-time Innova Award winning Colombian company that develops biosolutions for personal care, food, cleaning and agriculture (biocides) purposes, which are distributed in Colombia and exported to numerous other countries including the United States. Ecoflora’s all natural products are derived through its extensive research and validation processes utilizing Colombia’s biodiversity, cultural richness and ancient knowledge. Mr. Toro designed and brought into production Ecoflora’s first commercial-scale industrial capacity production plant and subsequently designed the expansion of the facilities, brought online in 2004. 

Mr. Toro has extensive expertise in developing and managing commercial-scale extraction processes designed to maximize plant yields without breaking a plant’s chemical chain or modifying its molecules. Additionally, he has successfully developed several all natural products by combining extracts from different Colombian plants in order to achieve a specific smell, taste or appearance or to enhance anti-bacterial properties. Mr. Toro earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana.