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John Knapp, Technical Advisor

Mr. Knapp is the founder of Colorado-based Good Meds Network, a medicinal-grade cannabis business, of cannabis consulting firm GMC & Associates and of Gro|Quip, a gardening equipment distributor. Mr. Knapp was previously senior marijuana design engineer for a top cannabis consulting firm for three years. He is a trained industrial engineer, entrepreneur and expert in the field of cannabis business, supplychain management and logistics. He is a pioneer in the legal cannabis industry and has consulted on over a dozen projects in seven states, Canada and South America on industry matters. Previously, Mr. Knapp worked at Mansfield Oil Company as a fuel logistics analyst.

In October 2009, Mr. Knapp founded Good Meds, a medicinal-grade cannabis business with a focus on health care and the development and refinement of cannabis as a medicine. Under his guidance, the company evolved from a single-caregiver/wholesale operation to a thriving business with over 50 employees. It has designed and implemented six commercial cultivation facilities in four years as well as a state of the art extraction processing and analysis laboratory.  The cultivation methods Mr. Knapp developed are tuned for production efficiency, with yields of AAA-grade medicine exceeding four pounds per plant. The systems he designed economize on labor and overhead and reduce cost per pound to less than one-half the industry average. Mr. Knapp has proven that smart design can support higher yields from a smaller facility. He was awarded first place in the hybrid category at the 2014 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup with his Pure Power Plant. In 2013, Good Meds’s cultivation facilities and dispensaries were featured on the television news magazine “60 Minutes.”

Mr. Knapp earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at Western Michigan University. His paper, “Analysis of Forecasted Capacity Utilization Through a Simulated Environment of an Outpatient Pharmacy,” was awarded first place at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Annual Regional Conference.