Made in Colombia

Social Responsibility

Fundación PharmaCielo, the PharmaCielo Foundation (“PC Foundation”), is an important part of PharmaCielo’s social commitment to giving back by helping people to build and strengthen skills to help themselves.

The PC Foundation will receive quarterly contributions from PharmaCielo Ltd. equal to 2% of the Company's pre-tax profits in support of educational and health initiatives for Colombian children.

The non-profit PharmaCielo Foundation is focused on supporting educational and health initiatives designed to help Colombian children realize their dreams and develop into self-sufficient, responsible contributors to society. 

The PC Foundation seeks to assist in helping to improve literacy, increase English language proficiency and spawn further educational programs for underprivileged youth that will allow them to expand their horizons and be better prepared to meet life’s challenges. 

An important part of life preparation is drug education. All the literacy and other fundamental skills developed are meaningless if a person ends up shackled by drug addiction. 

Therefore, one of the PC Foundation’s educational efforts is to support community drug education and rehabilitation programs – both for youth and adults – focused on responsible drug use and ways to avoid psychological or physiological dependency, which is often the outcome of abusing any medication.

It is PC Foundation’s mandate to not just provide direct funding and assistance for in-house ideas and projects, but to channel financial resources through well-established nonprofit foundations and charitable organizations providing services in these areas in Colombia.
Some of our partners include The Dreams Foundation Colombia, War-Torn, Alfalit and FUNDAFLOR. 

Additionally, to make a powerful social impact with today’s younger generation, the PC Foundation intends to work with centres of influence – musicians, artists, actors, celebrities and others – many of whom are already aligned with organizations working in this area, including many notable Colombian foundations.

PharmaCielo Foundation … Giving flight to dreams.