Made in Colombia

Sustainable Development

At PharmaCielo, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. In fact, it is pretty easy to do when a company has an internal culture that self-imposes “above and beyond” good production and business practices – and that’s exactly who we are.

We work in strict accordance with Colombia’s Florverde® Sustainable Flowers standard – and our nursery & propagation centre is Florverde® certified. This globally recognized standard, with its independent governing body, is designed to assure customers and government institutions of a company’s commitment to implementing good environmental and social practices with a long-term focus on just, responsible and sustainable production.

We are proud to be able to say that throughout our entire production chain our systems and methodologies are designed to generate a net positive environmental impact.

Granted, Mother Nature herself deserves a lot of the credit, for having created one of the most diverse equatorial climates in the world in which to naturally produce plants – Colombia. She makes it fairly easy for us to be good stewards of the land. 

For starters, Colombia’s climate fosters open-air greenhouse propagation, which enables plant cultivation to benefit the environment by absorbing C02 from the atmosphere and releasing large amounts of oxygen back.

Cultivating cannabis is really not that different from cultivating the hundreds of other varieties of flowering plants that have been propagated in the more than 7,000 open-air greenhouses scattered throughout Colombia.

Like the chrysanthemums and other flowers for which Colombia is famous, all plants require three principal ingredients to grow: fertile soil, sunlight and water.

PharmaCielo's 27-hectare nursery and propagation centre, along with our contracted network of cultivation and harvest farms as well as our first regional cultivation partnership with Cooperativa Caucannabis in Cauca, will benefit from natural sunlight, which is provided consistently on a 12 hours light to 12 hours darkness cycle – year-round. Our operations certainly won't be straining local power grids.

When it comes to water, here again we do not rely on public supplies for irrigation needs at any of our growing sites. Every cultivation location is equipped with natural water reservoirs that are amply supplied consistently throughout the year with fresh rainwater. 

Even the soil itself is replenished naturally with microorganisms and recycled waste plant material. No synthetic fertilizers or insecticides are utilized in any part of PharmaCielo’s nursery or cultivation operations.

Instead, we employ all natural means of fertilization and pest control. In fact, Federico Cock-Correa, CEO of PharmaCielo Colombia, built the largest company in Colombia that makes extracts from different plants into proprietary natural fertilizer and pest control products, which are exported around the world.

In summary, at PharmaCielo we care as much about the wellness of our planet as we do about the wellness of the people consuming our all natural, medicinal-grade cannabis products. It’s why PharmaCielo is ... The Natural Choice.